Offshore Banking
4676 Commercial St.
SE # 274
Salem 97302, Oregon

Banking introduction services

Our main service is banking introduction that consists of:

1) processing the information on customer?s offshore banking needs;
2) finding the bank matching customer?s needs most of all;
3) discussing with customer all the questions he/she may have on the particular bank, available banking services and bank account opening procedures;
4) providing customer with all the application forms and instructions on filling them out;
5) checking whether customer has made all the paperwork correctly and assisting in mistake correction;
6) arranging customer?s visit to the bank (if bank account is opened in person) or arranging the delivery of paperwork to the bank, assistance with application acceptance and arranging the delivery of banking documents back to the customer (usually it is done by the bank).

At this point the first part of our job is finished and customer has the offshore bank account opened. Customer contacts the bank with all the questions related to the banking operations directly. In some situations customers ask our assistance with arranging additional services or asking general questions on the bank?s services or policies or our opinion how to better settle one or another question with the bank. We gladly provide such additional service to our customers and we are happy if customers return to us.