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Account opening procedure

Generally there are two procedures how to open the bank account:

1) You can visit the bank in person and open the bank account
2) You can open the bank account by mail

The first option is available with all the banks we are working with. All the banks appreciate if customer visits the bank for the account opening. Every bank we are working with is offshore bank that highly appreciates its reputation and follows the Know Your Customer principles. Not every bank makes a lengthy interview with customer however every bank will ask the customer to tell briefly about proposed financial activities on the account as well as will identify the customer and will ask him/her to fill out the signature specimen card in the presence of the banker.

The second option is not available with all the banks. There are a lot of the banks that do not have a procedure (for remote bank account opening) when the customer can open the bank account without visiting the bank. If customer does not have time for traveling to another country, it is too far for traveling to the offshore bank or there is some other reason why customer prefers opening the bank account by mail - there still are many banks that have developed special procedure for the bank account opening by mail. This procedure obligatory involves the identification of the customer, providing passport copy, authenticated signature specimen card, answering written questionnaire about planned financial activity on the bank account. Some banks also ask for letters of recommendation from reputable business partners or from first-rate banks.

If you need the offshore company and corporate bank account, you should incorporate the offshore company first. There you can easily incorporate Seychelles International Business Company (IBC) or even Seychelles Special Licence company (CSL).